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You may enjoy looking at some of the following sites; we are always interested in adding more to this list. *   All these music sites have an active interest in good singing. The sites are organised as follows:

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Foundations & Organisations

Bel Canto Society
Stefan Zucker provides videos of old opera performances and interesting and unusual commentary on singing instruction and the history of singing technique

Classical Music Online
favourite classical music subscription offering online listening, downloads, custom CDs, and a huge resource of entertaining information to expand your classical music knowledge.

Classical Singer
resource for US-based classical singing community

offers news, reviews, commentary, audio streaming, video webcasts and an online boutique where the andante CD collection can be purchased

a guide to the world of classical music and its community

Opera Stuff
resource for classical singers and listings

Opera Base
large amount of current information on the opera world

'the site for the Opera world'

The Opera Critic
for up-to-date reviews, articles and news on opera from around the world plus CD/DVD reviews, webcasts and a monthly quiz.

Amici di Verdi
a friends of Verdi society - hugely important composer in the history of singing

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Magazines & Writers

Opera magazine
British-based opera magazine, now running for 50 years

Classic Record Collector
(part of Classical Music World) access to preview articles from their magazines, also education and trade directories, shop, discussion forum and job and radio search facilities - subscribers can view the full content

International Record Review
new record magazine, offering wide range of classical music CD coverage

Long-established British record-reviewing magazine

tremendous resource site for old singers

Learn about Opera Theater
friendly summary about opera, and some interesting links

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Record Companies

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Favourite Singers

Maria Callas

Enrico Caruso

Nellie Melba

John McCormack

Richard Tauber

Ezio Pinza

Luisa Tetrazzini

Beniamino Gigli

Amelita Galli-Curci

Fritz Wunderlich

Rosa Ponselle

Claudia Muzio

Lauritz Melchior

Geraldine Farrar

Ernestine Schumann-Heink

Tito Schipa

Lawrence Tibbett

Giacomo Lauri-Volpi

Adelina Patti

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